My name is erika pickford. I live in Whakatane, which is a large town situated on the beautiful coast of the Eastern Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand.

I am the mother of 5 children. The eldest is 26 and the youngest is 9. My children and their children are the reason why I am writing this blog. Not just them though, but for you and your children and everyone you know and their children also. For all of us to be free, to be truly free.

The way we are living now, we are not free. We have been deceived and it is time for us to wake up. The second link is the first video I saw that started me questioning our reality. Please take the time to watch it, even if you can just watch 10 mins at a time, this is information that you can’t afford not to have.

The following link is to a website called wake up New Zealand and shows you how the information from the second video is relevant to New Zealand. This information is relevant to you no matter what country you are from.



With this blog, I am going to document my journey to claim back my power and my identity that has been stolen from me by people who only see me as a resource for them to exploit. I am not the corporation that they created from a capitalised version of my name. I am a flesh and blood person, a child of the living GOD!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Until next time….


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