My name is erika pickford. I live in Whakatane, which is a large town situated on the beautiful coast of the Eastern Bay Of Plenty in New Zealand.

I am the mother of 5 children. The eldest is 26 and the youngest is 9. My children and their children are the reason why I am writing this blog. Not just them though, but for you and your children and everyone you know and their children also. For all of us to be free, to be truly free.

The way we are living now, we are not free. We have been deceived and it is time for us to wake up. The second link is the first video I saw that started me questioning our reality. Please take the time to watch it, even if you can just watch 10 mins at a time, this is information that you can’t afford not to have.

The following link is to a website called wake up New Zealand and shows you how the information from the second video is relevant to New Zealand. This information is relevant to you no matter what country you are from.


With this blog, I am going to document my journey to claim back my power and my identity that has been stolen from me by people who only see me as a resource for them to exploit. I am not the corporation that they created from a capitalised version of my name. I am a flesh and blood person, a child of the living GOD!!

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This is the best interview I have seen so far that answered alot of my questions and also gave me a glimpse of how to start acting on this knowledge.


This word means both hello and thank you in Maori which is the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand. Because I am of Maori descent, I am now going to introduce myself in the traditional way.

This is my pepeha…

                           Tena koutou katoa (Hello to you all)

Ko Whakapunaki raua ko Ruapehu oku maunga (Whakapunaki and Ruapehu are my mountains)

Ko Waiau raua ko Waikato oku awa (Waiau and Waikato are my rivers)

Ko Ngati Kahungunu raua ko Ngati Tahu/Ngati Whaoa oku iwi (Ngati Kahungunu and  Ngati Tahu/Ngati Whaoa are my tribes)

Ko Pakowhai raua ko Ohaki oku marae (Pakowhai and Ohaki are my ancestral homes)

No Frasertown raua no Reporoa ahau (I am from Frasertown and Reporoa)

Kei Whakatane toku kainga inaianei (My home is in Whakatane now)

Ko erika pickford toku ingoa (My name is erika pickford)

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa (Therefore, hello to 3 or more  people, hello to 3 or more people, hello to you all.

This blog is going to be documentation of my journey to claim my sovereignty and the events that happen in my life because I am going to challenge the government and their power over me. The reality is that they have no power over flesh and blood, living men and women. The government only have power over corporations and they created a corporation with our name from our birth certificates but we are not that corporation that they created with our name. Whenever your name is written in all capital letters that document is referring to the corporation that the government created, not the flesh and blood man or woman. Have a look, all your I.D, everything to do with the law, tickets, fines, banking, credit, bills, taxes, everything to do with the government, has your name written in all capital letters. Then because we don’t realise that those fines etc actually belong to the corporation that has our name and not the flesh and blood us, we take responsibility for them and pay them which has been the government’s plan since they started doing this to us.

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